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Welcome to Young Concept Design, where we transform spaces into stunning reflections of your style. From contemporary to classic, our team of passionate interior designers crafts personalized solutions to make your dream home a reality. Discover the art of living beautifully.

Design is not just what it looks like; it’s how it feels. In the world of interiors, we craft emotions, turning spaces into stories and dreams into reality. This is the unanimously shared passion of our team in our interior design firm in KL.

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With a proven track record in Selangor and KL, our team of experienced interior designers delivers bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to transform your home or office space, our dedication to quality and innovation in our interior design ensures exceptional results every time. Trust us to bring your vision to life and create spaces that inspire.

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Unique & Innovative

Problem Solving

Reasonable Price

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Consultation

Prompt Follow Up

Unique & Innovative

Residential Design

Immerse yourself in our creatively crafted indoor residential space which suit your needs and style. Getting back to your home with an awesome feeling of happiness, comforting and fulfilling is what we are dedicated to provide our clients. With our committed professionalism in our work, you just have to sit back and relax in the embrace of our interior design concepts.

High Rise

Terrace House



Commercial Design

Welcome your visitors with open arms through a carefully designed interior of any indoor space that will make them go wow. Amaze them with our state-of -the-art interior design that will make not only your visitors but anyone who passes by to have a second look on your premise!

Office Design

Retail Store

F & B

Our Interior Design Process

Initial Consultation

Our interior designer meets with the client to discuss their needs, preferences, and budget for the project.

Concept Development

Based on the client’s input, the interior designer creates initial concepts or mood boards to establish the overall aesthetic direction of the project.

Space Planning

The interior designer evaluates the space and develops a layout that maximises functionality and flow while adhering to building codes and regulations.

Material & Furniture Selection

This stage involves choosing materials, finishes, furniture, and accessories that align with the project’s concept and budget.

Design Development

The chosen design concept is refined and detailed, including creating technical drawings, 3D renderings, and specifications for contractors and vendors.


Once the design is finalised, construction or installation begins. The designer oversees the process to ensure that the vision is executed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose professional interior design services?

Professional interior design services bring expertise, creativity, and attention to detail to your project, ensuring a cohesive and personalised result that reflects your style and meets your needs.

How can interior design enhance my living or working space?

Interior design can enhance your living or working space by optimising functionality, improving aesthetics, maximising space utilisation, and creating a harmonious environment that promotes well-being and productivity.

How does space utilisation work?

Space utilisation involves strategic planning and design techniques to make the most of available space, ensuring efficient use and optimal functionality. This includes considerations such as spatial layout, furniture arrangement, storage solutions, and traffic flow.

Why is space utilisation expertise key to Malaysian interior designers?

Space utilisation expertise is key to Malaysian interior designers for residential properties due to the diverse needs and constraints of urban living environments. Malaysian designers must navigate limited space, varying building regulations, and cultural preferences while delivering practical and visually appealing designs.

For office spaces, efficient space utilisation is vital to enhance functionality and balance design elements, ensuring a harmonious and productive environment.

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Guisong KhorGuisong Khor
13:36 24 Mar 24
Exceptional interior design services! From start to finish, with their creativity and professionalism, they transformed my house into a stylish design, maximize functional living space, delivering on time and within budget. Highly recommended for anyone seeking interior design expertise! Thanks Young Concept Design!
Johnson LamJohnson Lam
14:19 22 Mar 24
Very experienced designers, and they listened to what we like and also tried to suggest based on what we requested!Also very friendly with reasonable price. Thank you so much!
Andrew ChinAndrew Chin
08:44 22 Mar 24
Conceptional and elegant designs. My ultimate choice for renovation!
nicholas loknicholas lok
06:46 22 Mar 24
Thanks for good service and teaching~ price are reasonable~ next house will come back again
Henry LokHenry Lok
05:50 22 Mar 24
If you not idea to desgin your house and kitchen, can ask Young Concept designner, they will give your suggestion and recommend
Carlson JHCarlson JH
05:16 22 Mar 24
Their design is very modern and meet my personal expectation of how a good interior design should look like. 10/10 would recommend to my friends and family.
Ming Yap TanMing Yap Tan
03:37 22 Mar 24
Working with Young Concept Design was a game-changer for my home. Their innovative designs and attention to detail completely transformed my space into a place I love coming back to every day. From the initial concept to the final touches, they made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. I can't recommend them enough!
Sweewah TanSweewah Tan
03:34 22 Mar 24
I had a fantastic experience with Young Concept Design Sdn Bhd. Their team listened to my preferences and delivered a stunning design that exceeded my expectations. From maximizing space to their attention to detail, every aspect of their work was top-notch. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to elevate their space with both style and functionality. 🫰

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