Michelle Lok

Innovative Director

When we start to understand and embrace every meaning ARTS gave us, we decided it is time to inject fresh idea into everyone’s life, with ART through interior design.

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Esther Au Yong

Inventive Director

After all, it is not enough to just look out when you do not see what’s inside at all. This is the unanimously shared passion of our team in our design studio.

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Cassie Ho

Imaginative Director

At Young Concept, we do not just simply offer a good display but we aim to bring to you a unique living experience.We strongly believe in creativity and originality of bespoke concepts for every individual.

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About Us

Young Concept Design Sdn Bhd is a dynamic and energetic company specializes in interior design, project management and renovation services for both residential and commercial projects. We strive to fulfill every client’s needs with professional design services.

Our team consists of professional designers and are well-equipped with vast experience in interior design and renovation concepts. We believe that the architectural design of any interior spaces should reflect creative individuality and enhance efficiency to daily routines.

Our Core Values :

  • Love what we do, do what we love.
  • Accept challenges that transcends the limit of imagination. 
  • Think out of the box which brings creativity to a whole new concept

Vision :

To bring out the best creativity of the features of every space with customer’s needs in mind to push interior design innovation to the next level.

Missions :

・Explore. Enhance. Evolve.
We explore the possibility of various design and enhance the features of each concepts thus evolving a brand new solution.

・Create. Design. Innovate.
We create new ideas and design various concepts while innovate each concepts to suit our customer needs.

・Committed. Creative. Empower.
We are fully committed to bring the most creative designs in empowering our clients to solve their interior design needs

Customer Says

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