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Elevate your business image with our expert interior design solutions in Malaysia. From offices to commercial & retail shops, we tailor designs to fit your brand. Let’s enhance your space together!

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Experience transformative power through collaborative creativity,
we work closely with clients, infusing their vision into every aspect of our designs.

At Young Concept Design, we don’t just design spaces; we craft transformative experiences for your commercial ventures. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for aesthetic excellence, our team is dedicated to bringing about a metamorphosis in every project we undertake. We specialize in translating your commercial objectives into innovative design concepts. Whether it’s revamping an office, retail space, or restaurant, our transformative touch ensures that every detail contributes to a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise & Reliability

With more than 20 years of demonstrated experience, we’ve carefully selected a network of reliable contractors and high-quality materials. Strict training is provided to our staff and partners to guarantee constant delivery of the intended outcomes.


Value is our top priority, and we make sure to choose economical materials and finishes without sacrificing quality. Our price is affordable without compromising style, quality of materials, and craftsmanship.

Durable Products

We go above and above to find the best suppliers and contractors. Beyond aesthetics, we emphasise items made to last and provide years of dependable usage as part of our dedication to longevity.

Customised Designs

With unrelenting attention to detail throughout the whole process, our designs are meticulously designed to represent your distinct tastes, demands, and lifestyle, producing a polished end product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is interior design for offices important?

The design of your office holds significant importance for both clients and employees. As a business owner, it's crucial to create a space that blends functionality and style to establish a positive atmosphere and comfort within your office. This fosters productivity and motivation among your employees.

What is the difference between retail and commercial space?

The main difference between retail and commercial space lies in their primary use and function. Retail space is specifically designed and used for selling goods or services directly to consumers, such as in stores, boutiques, and shopping malls.

On the other hand, commercial space is more broadly defined and can include a range of businesses and services that are not necessarily focused on retail, such as offices, warehouses, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities.

Retail space is typically characterised by its storefronts, display areas, and customer-oriented layout, while commercial space may have a more utilitarian design tailored to the specific needs of the business or service it houses.

What is commercial interior design?
Commercial interior design encompasses the planning and design of interiors for a range of commercial settings, including retail shops, offices, and restaurants. The arrangement of these spaces is tailored to maximise functionality and safety, facilitating the smooth operation of the business.
What is retail interior design?
Retail interior design is a specialised field of spatial planning focused on constructing and enhancing spaces for retail purposes. It involves decisions regarding the placement of walls and permanent fixtures, as well as the selection of furnishings and decorations to outfit the structure. Additionally, retail shop interior design can promote customer exploration of the store by ensuring an easily navigable layout before reaching the fitting rooms.
What is the difference between commercial and residential interior designers?

In both fields, designers require robust interpersonal skills and must create interiors suitable for their intended purposes. The primary distinction lies in the fact that commercial interior design caters to public use and often involves larger scales, whereas residential or home interior design is designed for private use.

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