Who is an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is the person who will help you realise your dream space. He or she will start off with design ideas based on your needs and requirements. These are the ideas that will help to improve your lifestyle and space ambiance. Your Interior Designer will execute their ideas through professional project coordination and management throughout the whole renovation work.

Why should I engage an Interior Designer?

Besides the fact that your designer will be able to provide the necessary design with proper documentation (ie. 2D drawings & 3D visualisation), he or she will also be responsible to coordinate work between contractors (ie. Carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc.) to ensure renovation progress efficiently. You will have lesser headache moments as coordinating between different contractors and suppliers all the time will be hectic and if not done right, chaotic.

Should I engage an Interior Designer or a Contractor?

During the renovation process, both Interior Designer and Contractors job scope will be roughly similar except for one (which is very important): DESIGN ELEMENT.

Your Interior Designer will be spending long consultation hours with you to understand your needs and preferences before proposing any design or working on the renovation schedule. This step is very important as this is when your preferred unique space are created and meets your desire lifestyle. If these are not carefully discussed, you might be facing moments when the renovation work does not appear to meet your expectation.

One benefit of hiring an Interior Designer will be CLARITY. You will be provided with 3D visuals to help you understand the design and various detailed elements. Through 3D visuals, you will be able to look at the image of how your space will look like after completion. And this important to help clear away any misunderstanding between you and your designer. Only after the design is confirmed, he or she will then help to manage and arrange working schedule between various contractors and sub-contractors.

A contractor, however, will not be providing much design consultation services but rather will work according to your specific instruction. If you are engaging a few different contractors, you will also need to coordinate all of their schedules to ensure the renovation work progress smoothly.

We would recommend you to hire a contractor only if you have a clear vision of what you want for your space or if you are only doing minor renovation (ie. Bedroom, bathroom). If there are not much design involved in the space, it would be more cost effective to engage the relevant contractors to work on it. However, if you are getting the keys to your first home or planning to renovate your entire house, we definitely think you need an Interior Designer to make your life easier. Your designer will help you to plan and design each space as well as providing professional advices on various issues throughout the whole renovation progress. For first time homeowner or those doing major renovation, the progress might be mind-boggling. Your designer will be with you until completion and help to iron out your confusion and any messy situation.

We also advise you to pick your Interior Designer or contractor who is like-minded and able to understand your preferences. Many felt that redesigning or renovating their home is a complicated process but if there are enough trust between you and your designer, you can be at ease knowing your home will turn out well in the end.